Save Hotel Bills During Vacations By Choosing a House Exchange Rather than a Hotel Stay

The biggest obstacle in travel plans is often the hotel expenses associated with various holiday resorts in the USA and around the world. The United States has many popular resorts in different areas including beach resorts, valley resorts, mountain resorts, exclusive lakeside holiday areas and amazing sights that are not to be missed in your lifetime. When visiting these places for a week or two, hotel accomodations are often considerable making a huge dent in your holiday budget. The financial impact becomes even more dramatic when vacationing with a family. However, this can be easily solved through joining a convenient house exchange program which makes it possible for you to stay in wonderful places without paying huge hotel bills.

This may sound impossible but it can be done, if you own a second home Exchange your vacation home with an owner who has a holiday home or second home in the location you want to visit. You will reciprocate by offering your second home when the other owner wants to spend a few days at your home located in the destination of his choice. This arrangement allows you to spend your holiday in a free accommodation and it also reduces the amount of money spent on feeding the family in restaurants. You can expect the holiday homes to be fully furnished, and equipped with all the amenities that you want in your vacation home. Some have swimming pools while others have amenities that you’d never find at a hotel.

Our house exchange program even waives the membership fee for the first year. You pay nothing until you arrange an exchange. And our Network also helps you arrange the exchange for no additional fee. We are a comprehensive home exchange service based in the USA. We provide you more assistance than any other company to help you arrange the perfect exchange. Contact us on 561-509-0126 to learn more or send an email to


Free Deluxe Accommodations At Holiday Destinations

If you own a second home or vacation property, you can enjoy deluxe accommodation at holiday destinations anywhere in the world. Yes, house swapping enables you to find luxury accommodation in almost every state as well as other resort destinations in the world. To take advantage of this opportunity, you simply swap your second home with another vacation home owner who is interested in your location.

This is great news for those who love. Whether your preference is exotic beach resorts, mountain retreats, lakeside lodges, or any other holiday destination. If you are an owner of a second home, you can become eligible for our swap program by joining our Network of members. As a member you can access thousands of luxurious vacation properties around the country and world. It takes a few simple steps to become a member of house swapping but the advantages gained by the registration are well worth it.

The house swapping website provides its members with thousands of comfortable private accommodations in the form of penthouses, lone standing bungalows, condos, and posh apartments. All properties can actually be viewed on the website The website also offers search capabilities which will help you locate the perfect exchange. No more searching for reasonable priced hotel accommodations at your favorite.

Join the program and become the part of the house exchange fraternity so that you can enjoy the best holiday homes in choice holiday getaways. The Vacation Exchange is one of the most popular house swap sites and it provides unprecedented facilities to its members through its impeccable exchange program. All done without any upfront fees. Pay only when you arrange an exchange. Call 561-509-0126 to learn more about the program and to become a member. Or, use our email address to send your questions.


Why House Swap Is A Much Better Option For Your Travel Plans?

Traveling to various destinations is an exhilarating and happy experience as it allows you to quench your thirst for exploring new places and relaxing in exotic holiday resorts. Hotel expenses can throw cold water on your plans as they will eat into your cash reserves and leave you with fewer options for enjoyment. This is where the importance of a house swap program comes into focus as it eliminates your hotel expenses and provides choices for accommodation for your holiday destination without the need of paying for it.

If you are an owner of a second home you can take advantage of an opportunity to explore more areas in the country and the world. By becoming a member of the house swap program, you save money on lodgings and you also have a chance of living in a upscale apartment, penthouse or a villa which has every luxury that you need in a vacation accommodation. What you save on hotel bills can be spent on other things. Thus, you can increase the level of enjoyment in the new place. Hotel rooms may not be conducive for families with several members or families traveling together but the private homes that are offered free under the home exchange, provide utmost privacy and comforts that rented accommodation cannot provide.

You enjoy greater freedom in these private homes and can spend your holidays according enjoying your vacation, without worrying that the kids may be making too much noise. And if you choose, save hundreds of dollars by eating in rather than spending money at restaurants every night. You can cook your own food at the swap home, chalk out your own schedule and relax as if you are staying in your own home. If you are a frequent traveler and you have a second home, you can become a member of our house swap service. We list more than 1500 properties in choice locations within USA and other parts of the world. Call us on 561-509-0126 to learn more details of becoming a member of our program or email us at to learn more.


Home Exchange: Travel Anywhere In the World

The traditional way of staying in each other’s home, where you stay at your partners home and your partner stays at your home is known as home exchange. The best part is that you pay no hotel fees.  In some cases the exchange is simultaneous i.e. both parties stay at each other’s vacation home during the same period. The VacationExchange Network specializes in exchanges of second or vacation homes and as such, most exchanges are non-simultaneous. The Vacation Network Exchange offers long list of members from all parts of the world.

There are many advantages of a home exchange. Since you don’t pay for lodging you save thousands of dollars on accommodations.  You often get the chance to live the life of a local by staying in a home not a hotel. The question that’s asked most frequently is “how does it work”? Before signing up as a member of any Network, it is always advised to browse the listings of the website to find out if there are any members in a country or city who would like to arrange an exchange. On the websites there are several criteria that you can complete, so that you can filter the members who would like to come to your country. A step by step process involves signing up as a member on the website, once fully registered on the website you can start contacting other members, get to know your partner and never hesitate to ask for more information It is also advisable to call the your exchange partner once or twice during the process, and then finally finalize the home exchange. Try to use an agreement letter typically available on the website to avoid any type of misunderstanding.