VEN and the Freedom of Exchange Homes We Offer


If you’re wondering how you can participate in a vacation home swap free, then it’s time for you to understand what makes The Vacation Exchange Network different than other vacation exchange websites.

If you aren’t familiar with home exchanges, you may think it works like you’ve seen on TV or in movies such as The Holiday. It’s common for people to think that something like this occurs when you exchange homes for your next vacation:

  • Person A has a house in Florida
  • Person B has a house in Texas

Person A wants to travel to Texas, so they arrange a home exchange with Person B. They will stay in A’s home while B stays in their house, and that’s it.

This is a common home exchange, and one we like to call a direct exchange. People may arrange home exchanges on websites across the Internet or on message boards, but we take a different approach.

First, the homes of our members are strictly vacation homes or second homes, which means they have more availability when they exchange homes. These homes are also not rentals.

In The Vacation Exchange, you don’t have to participate in a direct exchange.

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