Home Exchange: Find A House Anywhere In The World

The idea of staying in another person’s home and they stay in your home is known as a house exchange. Obviously, the most important advantage is that you pay nothing for the accommodation. In some cases the exchange is simultaneous, i.e. both parties stay at each other’s home during the same period. However, one of the unique advantages of The VacationExchange Network is that members offer their second home for exchange and the house swap can be non-simultaneous. So you stay in their home at a different period than they stay in your home. The Vacation Network Exchange offers a marketplace for those who are interested in making the swap. You can choose from a long list of members from all parts of the world.

The advantages of a house exchange are many. You save money since you do not pay for the accommodation, you get a chance to live the life of local and experience the feeling of being a local, a not tourist. The question is does home exchange work? Before joining any network, it is always recommended that you browse the listings on the website and insure there are properties where you would like to arrange an exchange. On most websites there are criteria which you can fill select to filter properties that you might wish to visit. A step by step process involves signing up as a member on the website. Once registered you can start contacting other members. Always get to know the other member and never hesitate to ask for more information.  You should feel comfortable with the other member before allowing them to use your home as they should feel comfortable with you before you use their home. Often, an agreement letter is available on the website which makes both sides more comfortable about the exchange and avoids misunderstanding that may happen.


House swapping is sweeping the world and why not you too?

The concept of house swapping has been around for some time yet only the most adventurous people pioneered it as rest of us remained conservative for a multitude of reasons. With changing times and the economy people have now understand that with the hotels bills sky rocketing, that the concept of house swapping is a tremendous tool that financial relief to tourists who enjoy traveling to different locations and saving thousands of dollars on accomodatios.

Home swapping or exchanging allows you to realize that your dreams and enjoy holidays in exotic destination without paying for expensive hotel accommodations. Hotel accommodations are costly and even if you can afford them you often have to book months in advance. is no availability if you don’t jump the queue by booking them months in advance. Conversely, if you have a second home tucked away in a holiday destination then you don’t need to search hotels. House swapping will come into effect and eliminate the need of the hotel rooms. If you have a second home in any resort type area whether in the US or anywhere in the world, you are eligible to become a member of the The VacationExchange Network and to exchange your lovely vacation home for another lovely home anywhere in the world. You will never have to pay for hotel accommodation charges again. Our house swap website allows you to just unpack your things at the new luxury accommodation and And enjoy your free vacation.

If you like to become a member of our house swapping program you can find us “The Vacation Exchange network” on the net and become a member instantly. Please feel free to review all of our listings before joining. We know you’ll find multiple properties you wish to visit. Call us either on 561-509-0126 or by email to sales@TheVacationExchange.com we will guide you through the procedure.