The biggest obstacle in travel plans is often the hotel expenses associated with various holiday resorts in the USA and around the world. The United States has many popular resorts in different areas including beach resorts, valley resorts, mountain resorts, exclusive lakeside holiday areas and amazing sights that are not to be missed in your lifetime. When visiting these places for a week or two, hotel accomodations are often considerable making a huge dent in your holiday budget. The financial impact becomes even more dramatic when vacationing with a family. However, this can be easily solved through joining a convenient house exchange program which makes it possible for you to stay in wonderful places without paying huge hotel bills.

This may sound impossible but it can be done, if you own a second home Exchange your vacation home with an owner who has a holiday home or second home in the location you want to visit. You will reciprocate by offering your second home when the other owner wants to spend a few days at your home located in the destination of his choice. This arrangement allows you to spend your holiday in a free accommodation and it also reduces the amount of money spent on feeding the family in restaurants. You can expect the holiday homes to be fully furnished, and equipped with all the amenities that you want in your vacation home. Some have swimming pools while others have amenities that you’d never find at a hotel.

Our house exchange program even waives the membership fee for the first year. You pay nothing until you arrange an exchange. And our Network also helps you arrange the exchange for no additional fee. We are a comprehensive home exchange service based in the USA. We provide you more assistance than any other company to help you arrange the perfect exchange. Contact us on 561-509-0126 to learn more or send an email to