The traditional way of staying in each other’s home, where you stay at your partners home and your partner stays at your home is known as home exchange. The best part is that you pay no hotel fees.  In some cases the exchange is simultaneous i.e. both parties stay at each other’s vacation home during the same period. The VacationExchange Network specializes in exchanges of second or vacation homes and as such, most exchanges are non-simultaneous. The Vacation Network Exchange offers long list of members from all parts of the world.

There are many advantages of a home exchange. Since you don’t pay for lodging you save thousands of dollars on accommodations.  You often get the chance to live the life of a local by staying in a home not a hotel. The question that’s asked most frequently is “how does it work”? Before signing up as a member of any Network, it is always advised to browse the listings of the website to find out if there are any members in a country or city who would like to arrange an exchange. On the websites there are several criteria that you can complete, so that you can filter the members who would like to come to your country. A step by step process involves signing up as a member on the website, once fully registered on the website you can start contacting other members, get to know your partner and never hesitate to ask for more information It is also advisable to call the your exchange partner once or twice during the process, and then finally finalize the home exchange. Try to use an agreement letter typically available on the website to avoid any type of misunderstanding.