If you’re wondering how you can participate in a vacation home swap free, then it’s time for you to understand what makes The Vacation Exchange Network different than other vacation exchange websites.

If you aren’t familiar with home exchanges, you may think it works like you’ve seen on TV or in movies such as The Holiday. It’s common for people to think that something like this occurs when you exchange homes for your next vacation:

  • Person A has a house in Florida
  • Person B has a house in Texas

Person A wants to travel to Texas, so they arrange a home exchange with Person B. They will stay in A’s home while B stays in their house, and that’s it.

This is a common home exchange, and one we like to call a direct exchange. People may arrange home exchanges on websites across the Internet or on message boards, but we take a different approach.

First, the homes of our members are strictly vacation homes or second homes, which means they have more availability when they exchange homes. These homes are also not rentals.

In The Vacation Exchange, you don’t have to participate in a direct exchange.

Our members join us for the ability to stay anywhere in the network. This means that you wouldn’t have to find someone in Texas with a home who was willing to swap with you in Florida. Instead you can leverage your home to stay anywhere. We call this an indirect exchange.

An indirect exchange:

  • Person A has a house in Florida
  • Person B has a house in Texas

Both persons are members of VEN. Person B lets Person A stay in their home, and in exchange for this, they get a credit that they can use toward their own stay somewhere else in the exchange network, at any of the thousands of exchange homes our members have available.

What Does a Vacation Home Exchange Cost?

That’s the best part of The Vacation Exchange, because you can save thousands on hotel expenses by using us instead! Our fees are very simple:

  • $69.95 a year for the membership – THE FIRST YEAR IS FREE!
  • $250.00 paid by each member in a direct exchange for your entire
  • $500 for a week paid by the member using a vacation home

A member that lets VEN member stay in their vacation home receives a $250.00 credit.

What Sets Us Apart from Websites for Vacation Home Listings

  • Homes that aren’t rental as exchange homes
  • Flexible availability
  • Flat fees
  • Indirect and direct exchanges available
  • We help you arrange home exchanges
  • Looking for an exchange? We let our members know

Interested? You can view our properties available for vacation home swapping right now, without joining, on our website. You’ll find details of properties including square footage, bedrooms and bath, nearby activities and more. Our members also list the availability of their homes, so you know exactly where and when you can stay! Property evaluations are given to our members each time they exchange homes, and when submitted, we share those on our website.

We’ve divided our exchange homes listings by state and country, then city or region. Start browsing today!