4 Hot International Choices This Spring for a House Swap Vacation

Welcome to the 2nd part of my post series for spring destinations for a vacation home exchange. In this post, I’ll be covering international options for your next house swap. Be sure to read my previous post for the United States destinations.


At The Vacation Exchange Network, we have multiple homes in Australia. Australia is a land of adventure, and offers options for fun for any traveler. When it comes to deciding on an Australian vacation, you should look for activities and places you want to explore. New South Wales is home to Sydney, a wonderland of history and culture, including the iconic SydneyOpera House. Sydney Harbor is one of the most beautiful in the world, and has several beaches to enjoy. If you’re looking for quiet, you can probably find it there. The government operatesSydney Ferries letting you enjoy the beauty of the surroundings on the water.


In Melbourne, Australia, you’ll find gorgeous gardens to explore and enjoy at the Royal Botanical Gardens. The Gardens are committed to conversation and educating visitors about the importance of plants. If it’s a beautiful day, spend it outside walking some of the prettiest gardens you’ve ever seen.  Are you an art lover? Don’t miss a chance to look through the collection at the National Gallery of Australia, which opened in 1861. The gallery features art not only from Australia, but also from around the world. Exhibits change, but recently the gallery featured Art Deco Fashion, Australian Impressionists, and more. The gallery is also free. Melbourne and Sydney are just a few spots in Australia when you can find exchange homes from The Vacation Exchange Network. Our full list of Australian homes is yours for the browsing!

United Kingdom

We have several UK homes available for a house exchange.  London, of course, is a popular vacation spot. There’s so much to do in London that you’d have to spend weeks enjoying everything it has to offer! Many love the Tower of London which features over 1000 years of history. You can see the Crown Jewels, explore the four floors of the White Tower, and even see old instruments of torture. Why read about history in a book when you can see it come alive? If you want to see great art and are on a budget, the British Museum is a free museum with multiple history and art exhibits. They offer several special kids and family programs as well. North Yorkshire is also open for the exploring. The Museum of Victorian Science features a private collection of scientific objects from the Victorian age and features several demonstrations. Perfect for a child interested in science, or even steampunk fans.