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We all know that vacations can be expensive, especially if you choose to do a lot of activities or dine out often. Depending on what’s on your itinerary, you may spend a couple thousand on your next trip, but if you follow these tips below, you can get valuable vacation savings on attractions, services and food. If you’re a member of The Vacation Exchange, you already know how to save on accommodations by house swapping, but let’s look at these suggestions too on saving money on your vacation.

Look Local for Savings 

Many highway restaurants such as The Village Inn and local diners will have coupon booklets at the front of their restaurant. Once you’ve picked your destination, if you’re driving to your vacation home, try snagging a few. You can also find these at state visitor centers for free as well as rest stops. You can also try purchasing the Entertainment Book, which is available for many U.S. cities. The book includes coupons on everything from mini golf to meals to spa services. You’ll often find these for sale in local bookstores and newsstands. Don’t be afraid to phone the visitor centers and see if there’s any place you can look for discounts, or if they can send you any either.

Don’t forget AAA

If you’re a member of the AAA, you have access to multiple discounts. AAA offers a long list of savings from thousands of retailers, and you can find it on your local AAA chapter website. For example, some of their discounts include up to $5 off tickets for Sea World and Busch Garden parks, 10% off Hard Rock Cafe meals, and more. You can even locate savings on car rentals, train tickets, and other transportation options.

Save on Gas

Many of our vacation home members who do home swapping may drive or rent a car for their trip, and with that comes the necessary expense of gas. You can save on gas by looking at the cheapest gas destinations with Gasbuddy, which is a mobile app that finds gas stations near you and displays the current prices. The prices are updated by travelers just like you and are often correct. Keep using the app throughout your trip, and the savings will add up.

Visit City Forums

You may be able to get local advice before you even go on a vacation! If you’re staying in one of our available vacation homes in the Bahamas, for example, you can visit an online forum for your vacation destination, and get tips about good deals. You may find out, for example, that a museum will let you enter free after a certain time on Monday or Wednesday, or perhaps places where kids can eat free.

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