You’ve heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” before, right? When making your vacation home available on the Vacation Exchange Network, pictures can go a long way toward convincing someone your home is a must-see. You’ve worked so hard on your home’s profile, explaining the benefits of the area, what the home offers, and more. The photo is the final “sell” to get someone to go from “Maybe I’ll stay here” to “I want to stay here!”

Why Take Great Pictures For a House Swap?

Before I explain how to take great photographs of your vacation home, let’s review a bit about the Vacation Exchange Network. Our network allows you to arrange stays in someone else’s home, even if they’re not interested in your home. We offer two types of exchanges: Direct Exchanges and Indirect Exchanges. A direct exchange occurs when you and a member swap a stay in each other’s homes. An indirect exchange means your home is used in an exchange, but you don’t stay in the requesting member’s home. When you allow another member to use your home, you receive an exchange credit, which you can use at a later time to stay in any other member’s vacation home. Now you can understand why having pictures that scream “Stay here!” can be so important when you’re a VEN member! For more information, please visit our website.

Think of taking pictures of your vacation home like “staging” your home to sell. You want to make it look appealing, but also help the interested party imagine themselves in your home.  The first picture of your home is free, so if you’re opting for just one picture, you want to make it count.