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St. Thomas House Exchange Property at The Vacation Exchange

How about enjoying a holiday in an exotic destination without paying hotel bills? Sound too good to be true?. Well, its not. All you do is join the vacation Home Swapping program that allows you to stay in someone else’s holiday home, located in the tourist spot of your choice.The only condition necessary to make you eligible for this program is that you own a vacation home. It’s that simple.
This arrangement is highly flexible. Be a part of the program through our Home Swapping Network by simply becoming a member. We even waive the membership fee the first year. Swapping can be mutual or non-mutual as a membership with vacation exchange allows you to use other members’ vacation homes, even if they are not interested in staying at your home for a holiday. The vacation exchange program offers many advantages when you become a member and helps you find a vacation home by providing a list of available accommodations in various tourist destinations. The arrangement satisfies your appetite for traveling around the world without spending a penny for hotel bills while at the same time staying in the comfort of a home.
A homely accommodation in a tourist destination is the ideal ingredient for enjoying your holidays in the most amazing and memorable way and the vacation exchange network makes it all possible. You don’ pay us unless you arrange an exchange and your annual membership fee for the program is free for the first year. Our website boasts of a diverse list of vacation homes that are situated in the most exotic locations and are handpicked after thorough screening. Join The Vacation Exchange Networkt o enjoy the comfort of holiday homes and not pay for lodging. Call us at 561-509-0126 to have a quick chat or send an email to sales@TheVacationExchange.com to get more information about our home exchange program.


Home Exchange – Making Stay in a New Place Comfortable, Enriching, Easy and Exciting


Home exchange is also the ideal way to guarantee that your pets are getting the loving care they deserve while you are travel. Many of our members have pets and understand their owner’s desire to travel with them. Home exchange is a wonderful way for those of us who love to travel yet have restrictions on the amount of money we can spend. Also called home swap, exchanging limits your expenses to travel costs only and not for your housing since you are staying in another member’s home in return for their staying in your home.

Home swapping works best for those of us who love the adventure of going to new locations but don’t like the idea of spending thousands of dollars on hotel rooms. Home trading is a relatively new idea, particularly appealing to individuals whose taste in venturing out and investigating distinctive traditions and cultures while feeling at home, which is impossible when staying in an expensive hotel or rental unit.

Home swapping allows travelers who desire to feel like a local in a foreign country to do so, which is nearly impossible when staying in a hotel and paying for lodging. Exchanging homes facilitates living like a local, shopping in neighborhood stores and enjoying local entertainment. Many people who are enthusiastic about traveling have discovered home trade as a magnificent way to satisfy their diversion while not spending a tremendous amount of money, yet visiting unique locations around the world.


New Property: The Kelty Estate in LaFayette, Oregon

If you want to stay in luxury in on Lafayette, Oregon home exchange, we’ve just added a new place that has everything you’re looking for in terms of activities or relaxation. The Kelty Estate is a historic wonder in the McMinnville area. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places,  the building dates back to 1872 and has been painstakingly-restored.


The Kelty Estate features 5 Bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, with 1 king bed, 4 queens. Each room has its own private bathrooms. Each room has been filled with beautiful antiques carefully chosen to exude luxury and comfort for our home exchange guests.

Maid service is available for a fee and guests also have the option to charter a limo. The property is located right in the heart of Oregon wine country in Willamette County, which offers several wineries and tasting rooms. If wine isn’t your fancy, Kelty Estate is also only 48 miles from Portland, 60 minutes from Lincoln City’s beautiful beaches. Whether you seek a romantic retreat, a weekend away, or a place for family to gather, Kelty Estate is a prime choice for your next Oregon home exchange. Located just fines from the state’s finest restaurants, this property offers it all.


This property is open to any member of The Vacation Exchange and is property ID OR1512. One visit and you’ll see what makes Kelty Estate such an Oregon treasure. View the listing for more information, and contact us if interested in this Oregon home exchange!




5 Myths About Home Exchanges and How the Vacation Home Exchange Is Different

Home exchanges have been in the news for years, but many people may have the wrong idea of how they work, and what they really entail. We wanted to let you know the truth behind these common myths and what sets VEN apart.

5 Myths About Home Exchanges 

1. Myth: Vacation home exchanges are done with vacation homes that are often rented out.
Truth: While some vacation home exchanges may be done with vacation rentals, the homes that belong to members of the Vacation Exchange Network aren’t rentals. They are purely second homes or vacation homes.
2. Myth: You can’t exchange with someone unless you arrange with someone who has a vacation home in the place you want to stay, and they also have to want to stay with you.
Truth: This is a common thought for many, but they don’t realize that vacation exchange networks like VEN are made to help its members stay anywhere they want in the network, regardless of where their home is located. Our members receive credit when they let members stay in their home, and don’t arrange a swap in the vacationer’s home.
3. Myth: Most vacation homes available for a house swap are either located in non-desirable locales, or hard to arrange a swap with, because their owners are particular, or they’re very expensive.
Truth: This may be true of members on other sites, but at the Vacation Exchange Network, our homes are located throughout the world, in some of the best desired vacation spots. From the snow-capped mountains in Colorado, to the perfect sandy beaches of Hawaii, we have a collection of the best homes in the world. We have homes in most of the 50 states, plus vacation home exchange properties located around the world. All of them are available for the same exact house exchange rate we charge our members, regardless of location. (First year of membership is free!)
4. Myth: Arranging a home exchange is a lot of work. 
Truth: For the members of VEN, this isn’t true. We will work for you, and you can simply contact us when and where you’d like to travel. Our Exchange Coordinators will contact members who have homes in your chosen destination, and we’ll give you a list of these homes. You’re then able to choose the homes you like, arrange an exchange, and you’re on your way. You can also contact the members
5. Myth: My home is going to suffer damage and I won’t know who is really staying there. 
Truth: VEN knows all of its members, because we have a thorough application process. We aren’t a marketplace where people can place random homes up for rental or exchange. Our network consists of vacation homeowners who’ve joined our network with an application, membership fee (if applicable), and information about their property. This information is made available to you when you arrange a swap, so you know exactly who is staying in your home. We also encourage all of our home swappers to leave testimonials for the properties they stay in.
Now that we’ve dispelled some of the most common house exchange myths, you probably have a good idea of what Vacation Exchange Network is, and how we can help you have the vacation of a lifetime.
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