4 Not-so-Typical Spring Break Destinations for a Vacation

Spring Break is in full swing in many parts of the country, and one of the most popular destinations for Spring Break is the beach. The beach is great to spend a day at, but if you’re looking for new places to go this year, we’ve got several not-so-typical spring break destinations for 2015. If you’ve got kids under 12, college students, or just need your own grown-up Spring Break, try a few of these places where we have vacation homes available for a house exchange.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a great place to visit any time of year, but now you can enjoy some good food and a fun atmosphere without too much bad weather if you go on spring break. Go out on a ghost tour or eat your way down Bourbon Street, whatever you do, you’ll have a great time staying in one of our vacation homes in New Orleans on a home exchange. Music fans can’t miss this destination, the birthplace of Jazz.

Sedona, Arizona

There are multiple places that are just right for a spring break in Arizona, but we think we should recommend vacationing in Sedona. Not only will the weather be warm, but just think about a night in a hot spring, and days spent browsing some of the unique shops in your area. If you love hiking and being outdoors, the majestic beauty of the landscape won’t fail to impress you!

New York City, New York

There’s never a wrong time to visit New York City, and if you don’t want to be at a crowded beach, here’s your chance! Our NYC vacation homes will make sure you’re near all of the hot attractions, including Broadway shows, museums and more. From watching tapings of The Tonight Show, strolling in Central Park, and finding a must-have toy at FAO Schwarz, NYC is perfect for any age on spring break.

Seattle, Washington

This caffeinated city has plenty to keep you busy all day and night on a spring break. Arranging a stay in one of our Seattle vacation homes lets you see this vibrant city like a local, trying all of its coffee shops, markets, landmarks, the zoo, and plenty more. Go in May, and you can enjoy Museum Week too.

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6 Reasons To Do a Vacation Home Exchange for Your Next Trip

Many travelers may have heard of a home exchange where you can stay in someone’s second or vacation home, but may not have any idea of why they should try this revolutionary way of traveling. If you want to travel the world for less, if you want to end the struggle of trying to find a suitable hotel for your next vacation, read on to see why it make sense to do a vacation home exchange!

1. A home exchange is much easier than booking a hotel.

Imagine everything that goes into a typical vacation. You need to book your flight or other travel arrangements, and of course, when you book a hotel, you have to put a lot of thought into it. Where will you stay? How much will it cost? Is it in a good area? Is there Wi-FI? How far are you from popular attractions and tourist destinations? All of these must be considered, and then most of us like to read reviews of hotels to make sure we’re staying in a clean and comfortable place. House exchange options are nowhere near this hassle-filled, because you know exactly where you’re staying, what it looks like, what to expect, and you’ll have the owner’s contact information.

2. You can see the world without paying high hotel prices, even during “peak seasons.”

As a seasoned traveler, you probably know how some destinations have peak seasons, where the hotel prices rise with demand. However, when you do a home exchange, you aren’t paying any nightly charges, and you certainly aren’t paying a seasonal rate. This means you could go to Florida and stay in an Orlando vacation home in the middle of summer, or find yourself enjoying the slopes during prime ski weekends in Colorado and other areas. We have properties located throughout the world!

Photo used under Creative Commons fromFlickr user LaurenProfeta

Photo used under Creative Commons fromFlickr user LaurenProfeta

3. Vacation on your own terms.

One of the most annoying things a traveler can experience in a hotel is that they aren’t vacationing on their own terms, and the place doesn’t feel like home. By engaging in a house exchange, you get to set the terms of your vacation, and don’t have to worry about hotel policy, loud guests, and other things that can plague your vacation.

4. Travel in style while living like a local.

On a house exchange, you really like get to live like a local. You can explore everything your new home away from home has to offer, and get the most out of your vacation. You won’t just get a generic tourist experience like everyone else who travels to your destination, and you’ll feel like you’re free to come and go as you please from your temporary home. You can even ask the neighbors of your home exchange property to recommend local places to dine.

5.  Cut down on meal expenses and savor your culinary experiences. 

House exchange properties are literally someone’s second home, so they’re set up with everything you’d expect a home to have, including a table and kitchen. If you’d like to go out and bring back home a bag of fresh-caught fish, local sausages, or whatever staples that your vacation destination is famous for, you’re able to do this. Your meal expenses can be cut down especially if you don’t eat out, but instead stay in and cook breakfast or dinner occasionally.

6. Save more than you can imagine.

Home exchange eliminates sticker shock over hotel prices. The average hotel price will include a nightly rate (sometimes higher on weekend) then taxes, fees, and optional charges as well. These may be Wi-Fi surcharges, pet fees, valet fees, and parking charges. Add in tips for bellhops and maid service, and you’ve accumulated quite a list of expenses! A home exchange with us means YOU PAY NOTHING the first year, and then, $69.95 annually, for the privilege of staying all over the world in beautiful vacation homes in Paris, Africa and many more locations!

What Sets Us Apart from Other Home Exchange Companies

The difference between us and other vacation home exchange services is that you don’t have to arrange a trip at the same time as a house swapping partner! Instead you get to leverage your second home or vacation for a stay in someone’s else’s, regardless if they don’t want to stay at your home! This is an indirect exchange, and you get an indirect exchange credit for letting them stay in your home. You can then use this credit to stay at other homes!

How do you get started? If you have a vacation home, you can join us today, and we’ll waive the fees for the first year. You only pay a fee when you arrange a vacation home exchange.

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